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Why is Seikikai Unique, isn't All Aikido the Same?

Isn't all Aikido the same? No, not at all. You could say that Aikido instruction is like the expression that many Americans have about living in Japan. "It's just like home, only different." Suffice to say, technique varies and the differences doesn't always relate to error. It seems rather narrow minded to reject something based on your own ignorance of a variation on the same technique.

How is Seikikai Different?

All of the teachers in Seikikai are motivated by principle. While that could be said of most teachers, the association of Seikikai teachers is based on a strict adherence to the philosophies and principles of OSensei. The principles espoused by OSensei were based on a moral and genteel system.

Seikikai Aikido is not a religion. It is a way of life. You can say at times, it is more of a culture. Aikido is the way you finish your work. Aikido is the way you treat your wife and children. It is the way you walk. It is the way you think. It is the way you continue to seek spiritual truth. OSensei was often seen deep in study.

All Seikikai Teachers Are
in a Direct Line of Descent From OSensei

The selection of teachers is strict and all Seikikai teachers believe and follow the cultural and technical teachings of OSensei.

Obviously, a command of the techniques appropriate to the level you are testing for is a major requirement. Whether male of female, the techniques must be effective and well (gracefully) executed.

Next come the time requirements. In Seikikai, we have time requirements, but we don't generally publish them. Why? Because people often seem to focus on collecting hours rather than on genuinely learning how to properly execute technique.

There is also the matter of respect. In the beginning, students are tested primarily on physical merit. That is to say that coming in and putting in the time and learning the techniques are the most important thing. But, as one tests for higher rank, the teachers look for more maturity not only in technique but in relationships with others in the dojo.

Chief Instructor,
Oak Harbor Dojo, WA

In Japan sensei means teacher or “one who comes before”. Pierce Sensei, whose credentials go back to 1989, heads the Oak Harbor Dojo. He entered an accelerated apprentice program in order to attain the formal teachings that were taught by Ueshiba Sensei. At present, Pierce Sensei holds a 5th dan in Aikido and a 6th dan in Kenjutsu and Jodo.

He’s one of only three that have received formal authorization to teach Aikido in the United States via the Seikikai organization.

Pierce Sensei also provides Instructor Training at the Oak Harbor Dojo. For questions or to make arrangements, please call (360) 279-9276.

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Kurita Sensei

Seikikai is based in Kawagoe, Japan and was founded by Mr. Minoru Kurita. OSenseiKurita Sensei began his study of Aikido at the age of 17 as a serious personal student or (uchideshi) to, Morihei Ueshiba (OSensei) after "experiencing" OSensei's aikido. Their relationship, sensei to ushideshi, lasted about 10 years.

Kurita Sensei was promoted to the position of Shihan (Master Instructor) by O-Sensei and has chosen to teach independent of other schools in order to further the art as he received it from the Founder. Kurita Sensei founded the Seikikai School of Aikido in order to further the principals of Aikido as taught to him by O-Sensei. He also is associated with the Ki Society.

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